Sunday, 19 November 2006


OMG!!!!!! how did that sneak up on us?
What makes it more unbelievable is that he was born on a Sunday too.
My special little bloke is growing up far too fast. So I told him tonight after his shower that now he's six he'll have to dress himself after drying himself. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Connor didn't want a big birthday party this year, he asked if we could take him to Taronga Zoo. Of course we invited all the family, godparents and close family friends. We took a picninc lunch with us and for birthday cake (which reminds me, MUM send me pics of the cake from yesterday-whole other story) made of donuts - yum and don;t forget the lolly bags.
It was a glorious day, as per normal I caked the kids in sun cream and forgot myself only to come home burnt on my neck - again!
The kids all had an absolute ball watching all the different animals. The repitle enclosure is my favourite followed by the gorillas and i love taking photos of he giraffes.
Speaking of which, I threw the camera in Shanice's bratz backpack to carry around this morning and somehow the camera switched on and by the time we got to the batteries were flat - grrrrr!!!! so off we go to grit our teeth and pay zoo prices for batteries. trust me i wont do that again.
here's some pics from today.

On our trip home, stuck on hideous traffic coming thru Mossman, I asked both the kids what there favourite part of the day was, which is our normal comig home from school question, and:
SHANICE - "the seal show"
CONNOR - " riding in the elevator with Grandad"
I laughed so hard. How priceless was that answer.
The new elephant enclosure has a glass elevator that you can see into the bottom section of the elephants enclosure. I struggled to get him in it the first time, you can either take the stair or the escelators, but i thought the elevator would be fun. He loved it and everytime I went to turn my back he was conning my dad into taking him back for a ride, lol. Money well spent I say!

We were exhausted, all of us, the kids finally went to sleep at about 8.30pm after an hour of us constantly putting them back in there rooms. I think they were a little over tired.

Then I had to make a start on the cupcakes ready for school tomorrow. All 27 of them plus extras for the 2 kindy staff and 2 kindy teachers aids, plus an extra one again for the piggy kindy teacher (sorry Tan, lol). That certainly kept me busy while watching and laughing at that new dancing show.

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Alison Jeremijczyk said...

The zoo photos look great! Glad to hear Connor had a lovely birthday.
:) Alison