Saturday, 24 June 2006

Saturday night & I'm HOME ALONE!!!!!

Ahhhh..... YES!!!! I am home all alone on a Saturday night ....... & lovin it!
The kids had their last day of school yesterday and are now on 3 weeks school holiday (PRIVATE SCHOOL - you pay all that money and kids are home longer). So Anthony thought he'd take them down the farm for the weekend to give me a break as I work up to having them with me for the next 21 days. I can guarantee the fighting will start as soon as they get out of the tipper truck tomorrow afternoon.
So, Sheree came over and we scrapped.
I have finished 2 layouts and the third is just drying.

I am loving the one with me and kids, if I do say so myself, lol. But I'm not very happy with the one of Connor. There is just something about it that just doesn't look right.
I'm now going to plonk my butt on the longue and watch a movie, without being interupted.
OH Crap! I've just realised I washed my sheets today and I still haven't made my bed. I'll do that now before it gets too late.
What else is new.......
I booked myself in for Kim Archers new online classes. I really looking forward to these as I have never done one before.
Sheree and I did Alison Shearer's class on wednesday night at Scrapabout Australia. I love it. It was called Boho Chic using all the new yummy Making Memories products.
We finiahed in just over an hour so we spent the rest of the class time......chatting, what else is new, lol. Here is what I did.

Well I'm off to make my bed then watch a movie. Oh, what to pick.

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Alison Jeremijczyk said...

You lucky thing! Having a Saturday night all to yourself! Your layouts look great, the Boho one is very pretty, is the flower made out of paper or fabric? Don't you hate it when you strip your bed and then forget to make it until you want to go to bed. I do it all the time too.
:) Alison