Monday, 19 June 2006

ummmm, aghhhhhh!!!!!!

I've been a VERY slack blogger as of late! I think it's almost been 3 weeks, and when I went to log in I forgot my log in name, lol.
I'll just go to the naughty corner right now!!!!
I've been a very busy beaver in this time. Where do i start........
I am really enjoying spending my days at home. The house still looks like a disater, but it's getting there slowly. I did spend the weekend working on my scrapping room, as the stash seemed to have populated all ove the dining room table. And every now and then we do like to eat off it, lol. I managed to put away ALL of the Scrap Girls stuff and into correct boxes and now I have a designated work area separate for Scrap Girls and scrapbooking. I'd like to see how long it lasts, lol.
Connor's class (KM) held there first school assembly friday week ago. It was so gorgeous. It was all about being kind to one another. For homework the week before he had to practise a sentance about something he had done that was kind to someone else. Every night before bed we'd practise. My kids aren't the type to participate in events like assemblies and usually will just sit/stand there are do nothing, and with Connor's "behaviour" issues this year I was sure he wouldn't do it. BUT, I was the proudest mum in the hall. He said his sentence beautifully and even his teacher stood there with a pround grin on her face. It was a real moment for his progress :)

I took the kids away for the long weekend up to Hawkes Nest. My parents had rented a 2 bedroom house for the weekend and asked if we'd like to go up for a few days. I took the kids out of school on the Tuesday so I could drive home with no traffic issues, we all know I have traffic issues, lol.
It rained all day Saturday and Sunday and in such a small space the kids were starting to climb the walls and send me to live with the crazies. Thank god monday was a glorious winters day. We took the kids fishing and to the park and they played outside in the back yard for yonks.
I managed to take some really nice photos too, if I do say so myself. (blogger is now having issues and is not letting me upload any, so will post some later)

Shancie had her first excursion for this year, and I got to go along too!!!! We went to Parramatta to Old Government House. I was an eye opener not just for the kids but for me too. They had an old classroom there and the kids were shown how children were taught back then, a few kids got quite scared and the lady who was posing as the teacher had to come out at lunch to show the kids that she was pretending and she was not real. Other than that the kids got to see how it was like to live in 1815 and they had a great time.
When we got back to school we had enough time for Year 2 to get there reports.
I am so proud of both of my children. Connor is a very smart little cookie and Shanice tries so very hard. What more can a mother and father ask for.

On the scrapping front - HA HA!!!!! not much happening there, lol. I've finished an entry in a circle journal and finished off two UFO's.

So that's about it for now. Shall post later on SCRAP GIRLS UPDATES!!!!!!
Now that certainly is keeping me out of mischief.


sheree said...

about time you updated naughty girl... wondering where you have been... will catch up on wednesday lots to tell you

Alison Jeremijczyk said...

Sounds like you've been a busy girl! I just have to ask, at the risk of sounding completely dumb, what's a UFO???? Unidentified ...... GOt me baffled.
:) Alison
Thanks for my little SG surprise in the post.

Kylie said...

A UFO is " Un Finished Obeject", lol. And yes I have plenty of those in my stash.
Glad the goodies arrived safely