Friday, 19 May 2006

a fat lip, complete with photos

OH DEAR!!!!!!! My poor monkey man

Shanice was sent home from school yesterday as she had a really nasty cough. So I decided to keep her at home again today, just in case. She this morning I went up to the office (it's on the 2nd floor) to let the receptionist know to tell Ms Walker, shanice's teacher. Great all done, now lets get Connor to class.

He managed to walk down the first set of stair, he rounded the corner and then went down, face first down the whole set of concrete stair. I was almost in tears as I bolted down and scooped him up and run back up the stairs to the office. By that stage one side of my jacket was completely covered in blood and so was his school shirt.

He was so brave! He did an awful lot of crying,but it hurt and was such a shock. The office ladies fixed him up and gave him a new shirt to wear then asked if he's like to go home with mum - "No I want to go to school" was Connor's quick reaction.

I walked him to class about 15 minutes late and explained what had happened to Mrs McLeod. And off he went, happy as larry.

As soon as he came home I snapped these photo's. This is nothing compared to this morning.

Another adventure in the Sheppard-Morris house.

The kids have now gone to Grandma's & Grandpa's for a sleepover because Ant and I were suppose to go out with some friends to dinner, but I'm feeling rather fluy myself, so he's gone and I'm at home on my lonesome - and lovin' it.

So I have just done this......................


sheree said...

poor little man.. hope connor is ok... love the page you did.. trust you do get out of friday night LOL....

Kylie said...

He's fine now. We just have to watch it doesn't get infected. Ant has already squeezed out a chunk of puss - YUK! just charming!
If it's going to happen though, it's going to happen to Connor.