Tuesday, 2 May 2006

busy, busy, busy

The kids started back at school today and I was back to work.
I finally did it...... I handed in my resignation today. I'll finish up at the end of May I think. It's such a weight off my shoulders and I can consintrate on my family and me and I wont have to worry about the stress of going to work. I think I'll enjoy the time at home.

I t was a made dash to pick up the kids after school and I had 2 extras today too. Which I couldn't find in the playground. Back home to quickly get into swimmers and down to swimming.
Anthony met me there so we could go across to Coles and do the grocery shopping - Ouch! It hurts the hip pocket when I take all of them with me. I probably would have saved half the bill if it was only me that went.
When we got home I went to start unpacking the car and banged my head so hard on the boot that I saw a white flash and I now have a massive googy that it turning black. Great, just before the retreat.
It's not like me to want to go to bed early, but at 7.45pm I put myself to bed. Yes I know I'm up now, but I had to reply to a few emails, but I'm going back there NOW!!! And hopefully my googy will have subsided by tomorrow.

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Sheree said...

LOL silly girl.. hows your head feeling today.. hope your ok.. off to get organised for my online class have a great day