Monday, 20 March 2006

What do I do?????

I've just arrived home from picking the kids up from school.
Connor had another really bad day at school today, so bad in fact the he has spent nearly the entire day in the office and the principals office. He only went back to class just after lunch.

I think what triggered him today was the fact that I was there reading with some of the other Kindy kids this morning and his teacher was in a meeting so they started with a casual teacher. Well that was a disaster!

I did hear him in the office when I dropped my visitors badge off, screamming. Appartently he was jumping all over the furniture and everything in Mr Cockrams office he also apparently kicked, pinched and hit both Mr Cockram and Mr O'Hare.

Now, he is playing rather happily in the lounge room with Gotham City. I did tell him that there is NO tv this afternoon, but of course then Shanice gets punished too for something she didn't do.

What do I do??????????????????????????

It's still another 2 weeks until his psychologists appointment. I don;t think I can wait until then.


Sheree said...

Oh you poor thing...i wish i could say something to help you...i hope that you get the help you need soon.. know im thinking of you and ring me if you need to scream anytime...big hugs

Kylie said...

i just might take you up on that offer, lol. Good thing you weren't at work today or you might have copped and earful.
He certainly is a "terror"