Sunday, 12 March 2006

Princess Shanice turns.........7

Where have the past seven years gone?
I was just saying to Anthony about 20minutes ago that 7 years ago I would have just been wheeled out of the delivery suite to see my beautiful baby girl for the first time.
Let's not get into the dramas of my first child's labor, but sweet Shanice came out not breathing and was raced to the 3 pediatrician's waiting and then to a humidy crib. I could not walk for the 3 bumps of the epidural I'd had and was so out of it, it wasn't funny.
There you go a little reminisce for the evening.

But, after that first initial hiccup of her life, she has turned into the most perfect little girl. I love her so much.
My beautiful sausage.

We celebrated her birthday yesterday as that's when her party was for all her school friends. She had a pool party at Stanhope Gardens Aquatic Centre. They had a ball on the inflatable I didn't have to lift a finger which was even better, LOL.
All the family came to our house for a bbq. That was a pleasant evening. And the kids played ever so nicely on the back lawn. And if you know my kids that doesn't happen very often.

Well, I'm now off to kiss my big 7 year old good night and I'm going to try not to cry.


yappl said...

Mdm, Do you by any chance knows Ms June Smith from New South Wales? Her father was an ex-Police Sergant at the seventies.

Kylie said...

No sorry, I don't know anyone with that name. Hope you find them.

Sheree said...

Happy birthday Miss Shanince.. glad to hear you had a great time....