Friday, 3 March 2006

my first car accident

I thought that I was at a good point in my life to come off my "happy pills", but boy was I wrong. I came off them in late January and since then everything has just gone pear shape. I really don't think that it's me taking things out of proportion, but just general things just going WRONG!
Connor has started big school and he is finding that adjustment really difficult. It seems that everyday his teacher is telling me what he did that was naughty that day. It is starting to takes its toll on me though as I keep thinking is a reflection on me as his mother. Am I really that bad of a parent. What have I done so wrong for him to behave like this.
He is such a loving, sweet monkey man, but on the flip side he can be so stubborn and determined and angry. It can be like living with Jekyl & Hyde. Scary thought!
The final straw came yesterday afternoon when his teacher called me over after school and said he was extremely difficult and he wouldn't go into class and the kindy teachers resorted to calling the principal down to get him into class. To put it bluntly that me me feel like shit. With all that has happened with Connor in is first few weeks at school we are having to get the school councilor involved. But if it helps I'm all for it. God I hope it helps.
So when I got home I called my doctor and tried to get him an appointment to see her asap. And I was expecting a minimum of a 4 week wait to see Margaret, but I got squeezed in on Monday afternoon. I she can help me!
Oh yes, my car accident.........
I had my very first car accident yesterday. Not something to rave about I know, but it scare the living crap out of me. I think I may have written off the excel if not I've done about $4000 worth of damage to it, which is what we paid for it. Great!
Well, it happened right out the front of the kids school on Jersey road. I was on my way to work so thank god there was only me in the car. I was too busy watching the feral Plumpton High kids spew all overt the road as the got off the bus and I just didn't see the cars stopped and I just ploughed into the car in front of me. What do I do, hit one of the kids that are so intelligent that they don;t know how to walk 20meters to the crossing or hit a car? The car was the better choice.
I didn't do much damage to car in front as it's an older car and they were built really tough. But my car's a mess.
I was so shaken and still are a bit. I'm fine physically though, just nasty headaches.

Well that's all the drama in the Sheppard-Morris household for today. It can only get better so they say. So chin up and on we go!

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