Monday, 18 October 2010

sunny QLD here we come..... part 2

so where was i up to.....

Tuesday - 4th October
The boys were booked in for their quad bike ride up in the hinterland, so us girls and the kids decided to spend the morning shopping in Coolangatta. Well, by the time we got ready the boys were already back! So we all went.
Down the end of the road we found the BEST shop ever, we were all in our element. And the fabulous name for the shop "That Shop". I got some great new Tuk shoes .

OMG! they are so hot

We went into Surfers for dinner that night and had a great time even though it was pouring with rain. After dinner we ended up at Old Time Photos and had a great laugh getting some gangsters and moles photos taken. It's something we'd never done before and I'm so pleased we did.
A good thing timezone is open till midnight cause we were in there next. By the end of the night the shoes were off cause I couldn't walk in them any longer.

Wednesday - 5th October
Seaworld here we come! The weather was great, not to hot and not to overcast and raining!!!
The kids had a ball, which was the aim for the day.
I do believe the best part of the day was the end when we were up at Castaway Bay. They have these pirate ship boats that go around a track in the water and you can shoot water from them and people "on land" can shoot water at the boats. The bigger kids had disappeared up onto the climbing frames, so i grabbed Zoey and took her on the boats. I knew I would get wet, but I was seriously soaked with not a dry inch left on me! I do believe the dads on land were enjoying spraying the water guns more than the kids. I laughed so much and it was TOPS!!!
Starting from the end of the day, here are the pics:)

Zoey didn't want her picture taken so she hid behind the dolphins tail

Connor, Brittney and Shanice exhausted from a great day

Soaked after the pirate boat ride..... where are their swimmer..... oh, in the bag next to me!

And here are the boats themselves with Connor, Brittney and Shanice on it

If i can insert a speech bubble it would say "Hurry up Connor, all sharks look the same!"

Every time we have been to Seaworld I have taken a photo of the kids under this Buoy, I cant wait to put all the photos next to each other and see how my monkeys have changed

I was going to lighten this picture in photoshop, but i love it the way it is. This is Connors favourite shark, the Tiger Shark, coming straight for him

They decked out the Sesame Street rides all in Halloween and Connor couldn't resist getting in amongst the graves - cheeky kid!

Thursday - 6th October

Joh and Nev had booked into get their tatts which was going to take all day, so I offered to take Brit to the movies with my kids. Anthony somehow got out of it and I ended up taking them to see Despicable Me. They loved it.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out on the roof top pool.

Friday - 7th October

I had a little moment which was to be expected on this day (Dads birthday) and wished I could have spent it with mum and mandy, but i do tend to organise holidays and forget about dates!
So, it was my turn for a tattoo. I knew exactly what I wanted and I LOVE it. Six nautical stars around my right wrist.
I got picked up after it was finished and we headed back to That Shop but the one at Burleigh to show the lovely lady there all our new ink as we talked her into getting her first one 2 days before. I got a gorgeous new handbag which is to die for and goes very well with my new shoes.
We headed back into Surfers for dinner and then it was off to the Shooting Gallery. I opted not to shoot real guns as its not my thing so i took all four kids to Timezone:) Anthony has been told his is never to get a gun cause his aim was scarily good - hours on the playstation has paid off me thinks.

So there ends our last night in sunny Queensland.

From Saturday on Joh & Nev headed back home and we were off to Ballina and Coffs cause Anthony had work and meetings to go to. What a shame, a second weeks holiday

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