Sunday, 17 October 2010

sunny QLD here we come.... part 1

Saturday - 1st October
Saw us waking at 4am and on the road by 4.15am heading to sunny Queensland, well, Coolangatta actually! We had the normal few stops on the way up and even a 1 hour break and walk around the shops for lunch at Coffs. We arrived around 2ish, so that was a pretty good run.
Joh, Nev and girls arrived some time after us which was great for the kids and good for us. We were all on the one floor so the kids had a ball running between the two apartments.

Sunday - 2nd October
What a CRAP day!!! It was absolutely pouring with rain. No swimming, No beach, so the kids were devastated. What to do..... go shopping!! And didn't we just.
We ended up at the surf shop outlets and spent a small fortune but saved an absolute bucket.
When we got home we checked the weather report for the rest of the week and they reckoned RAIN nearly all week, so our plan of attack was on the first sunny day hit the theme parks

Monday - 3rd October
And that was everyone elses thoughts too!
We opted for Dreamworld. Thank god Joh had pre-purchased our tickets cause the queue to get in was ridiculous and we just walked straight in. But that was the end of the short queues I'm afraid.
The log ride was first on the agenda..... one and a half hours later......
I started to regretting wearing jeans on this overcast day cause I was soaked! Nothing as attractive as looking like you've just wet your pants, lol.
We headed around the back of Dreamworld to the animals on our way to wiggleworld were we had lunch. I took the kids on the Big Red Car ride and while we were in the queue the boys snuck off to go on the motorbike rollercoaster..... let me just say I was just a little dirty bout them not waiting for me!
Next it was around to Nick Central were we spent the rest of the day. The kids loved it! I took Connor on the rollercoater and Avalanche (not called that anymore) and he thought they were TOPS.... I thought he'd get all scared. Shanice went on the Spongebob ride with me too.
Just before leaving at closing time we were in the shop and the lovely lady in there gave us a great bit of info about when the rides close, so me and the kids ran round to the rapid ride to quickly get in the queue before they closed, and we were lucky, we were the 3rd last boat.
And may I just say that by the end of the day my jeans had only just dried!

Me, Connor, Britney and Shanice on the rapid ride
Britney and Zoey with Dora and Diego
Woo Hoo the Big Red Car Ride - Me, Shanice, Britney, Zoey and Connor
The two biggest children on the motorbike rollercoaster - Nev and Anthony
Me, Joh and Zoey
Connor, Nev and Anthony
The girls wanted to be all grown up and go on by themselves - Shanice and Britney

In WiggleWorld - looks like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Hanging with the Koalas
Connor, Zoey, Britney and Shanice right after we went on the log ride
Part 2 coming soon

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