Thursday, 29 July 2010

a family holiday

Are you ready for photo overload???
So, for the July school holiday we are lucky enough to get 3 weeks instead of the 2 weeks public school kids get - really not sure how i think about that, is it a blessing? who knows, lol.
For the third week we packed up the entire family and headed to a gorgeous house right on the beach at Lake Cathie. And when i say the entire family I mean all of us -me, Anthony, Shanice, Connor, mum, Mandy and hunter! It was a houseful:)
We did heaps of fun things around Port Macquarie and had a great time.
I think the photos will best explain.....

The boys went Go-Kart racing...... shanice now regrets sitting on the side with me!

A token picture with mum at the end of the breakwall at Dunbogan

along the breakwall we found this boulder with a massive circle all the way through it and i couldn't resist taking a photo through it

waiting for the waves to come

the water was a gorgeous clear green. It look so inviting except it was freezing!

We took the kids to Timbertown at Wauchope.
I remember going there as a little kid.

At the lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach.
Shanice has no fear and followed Anthony right down over the cliff, needless to say I almost had heart failure.

That cheeky monkey at the park in Port

Strawberry picking

We had a great big reserve out the back of the house before the beach which was great for Frisbee throwing and soccer

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