Monday, 12 July 2010


my poor little blog:(
for the past month we have had something on every day and it has been a complete madhouse. I don't even know where to start....... so I've decided not to reminisce, but to fill you in on what we did over the past few days.
Oh! btw, thanks Lynsey for the nudge to update my blog too:)

So last Wednesday, even though it seems a million years ago now, the four of us headed down the farm for a extra long weekend. We planned to spend a few days around the farm so Anthony could work on the shed and the kids could ride the quads and we would spend one day in Canberra to break it all up.
Connor has been a little scared of the quads up until now and this weekend we couldn't get him off them.
Friday saw us venture into Canberra. We wanted to take the kids to the War Memorial, but we all slept in, which is unusual of Anthony and the kids:) So we stopped at DFO first cause Connor needed new jeans...... no luck there, but i scored a gorgeous yellow Guess handbag and matching purse. It's all about coordinating, you know! plus I'm sucker for a nice bag. The bonus is it fit my camera in nicely, so i don't have to lug two bags everywhere.
The floor was really slippy and Anthony did his back, so we headed for a chemist and some lunch. we tried looking for this shopping centre we'd been to before but ended up somewhere completely new, but that was ok!
We realised it was 2.30pm and still jeanless, so a quick dash to Pumpkin Patch saw Connor with
some new digs! And Big W for some new books.
Cause it was rather late we took the kids to the National Museum to have a run around. They thought it was great. Shanice had been earlier in the year with school so she was telling Connor all about it..... that took up over an hour so then we thought we'd best head back to the farm for dinner.
Here are a few pics of the kids at the museum

So that leads us to Saturday........ At about 10.30am the kids headed outside. Shanice rode the golf cart around the paddock till the battery needed charging and then got on the second quad, and Connor got on the quad, with a full fuel tank of petrol and rode it till he ran out of gas and had the head lights on cause it was dark, and might i add, freezing.
They both had such a great day.


And while i was taking photos of Connor going around and around and around Shanice stood with me chatting away.... and pulling faces.

So now we are into the middle week of the kids school holidays (3 weeks this time round). This week is another busy one with no free days and then on Saturday we are all off to Port Maquarie for a little holiday before school goes back.
And by all of us i mean - me, Anthony, Shanice, Connor, Mum, Mandy and Hunter. Now that is going to be a chaotic week!

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