Tuesday, 6 April 2010

a little GOOD FRIDAY fun......

It all started when i had this great idea to make dessert for our family get together on good Friday. I really need to start reading the instructions on how to make the cake before i leave it to the last minute. I didn't start making the cake till 8.30pm in Thursday night, I had to melt the chocolate and butter then let it cool before adding the flour and all that, then it needed 2 hours to make. so needless to say i was baking till around midnight.
You'd think I'd learnt my lesson, but no! I slept in and thought I'd be right to make the white chocolate frosting...... NO!!!! it needed cooling time too, so i got it all prepared so i could finish it off at Mandy's.
All the effort was well worth it. The lemon & lime white chocolate mud cake was amazing...... i don't even like cake!

It was so nice to spend the day together and watch Hunter and Shanice play, unfortunately Connor went down the farm early with Anthony.

the yummy lemon & lime white chocolate mud cake

playing in the leaves - they were covered in debris and dirt

four happy campers

Hunter doing "the face"

Having Aunty love

Gorgeous boy

and my gorgeous girl

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