Sunday, 31 January 2010

normality resumes

Thursday saw Shanice & Connor start back at school for another year.
I cant believe that my big girl has started year 6, her last year of primary school before venturing that big path of high school. And Connor started year 4. It just felt like yesterday was their first day of kindy.
Every year i take photos of them in the very same spot out the front of the house. I cant wait to sit down and put them altogether one day..... but at the same time i dont want to.
Connor was very excited as he got the teacher he was hoping for, Mrs Rush and Shanice was devastated :( She was hoping to get her preferd teacher that she had back in year 4, but she didnt. By the end of the day everything was fine cause she had her bestie, Britney in that same class as her. It's very dramatic at her age, lol.

So as school goes back i resume to normal programming and i can now start returning the millions of emails that i've received for Scrap Girls and get on top of all that before our first retreat of the year begins.
I'm also looking forward to friday morning coffee with the girls and Tuesdays crafting with Nic and Aunty Rae.

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