Sunday, 24 January 2010

26th - 30th December 2009

Anthony and I thought it would be an adventure that our kids could talk about for years to come..... climbing to the top of Mount Kosciuszko.
I remember doing it as a kid and loved it and I'm so pleased that i did and thought that my children would love the same experience.
We headed down to Jindabyne on Boxing day with the camper and we stayed at the caravan park just outside of town. We left early and no traffic at all.
Sunday the 27th was the day! We heard that weather had been bad at home but it was blue skies down in the Snowies. Well that's what we thought anyways even at the bottom of Thredbo.
But at the top of the chairlift the conditions changed. It was cloudy and miserable.
We climbed the 3km to the lookout in cloudy and rainy conditions and pretty much saw nothing. But we trudged on. Connor asked the entire 6.5km to the top how long it was and how much further, Shanice was crying most of the way up and half of the way back cause her legs hurt. All we had was panadine so we have her half a tablet and when it kicked in the smiles were back.
Can i just say we had the most horrible weather. Got to the top and saw.................. NOTHING, lol, it was a raining and cloudy. the clouds did clear for a few minutes.
Luckily we packed Anthony and the kids waterproof hiking jackets, but in my mad dash to pack everything i forgot one for me...... i was soaked and copped a mean windburn on my face and shoulders.
BUT..... looking back now we had a great time as a family. The kids said once they got back to the car they enjoyed the 13km trek and are so pleased that they did it. Me too!

Here are some of the pics i took

Happy smiling faces on the way up the chairlift, if only they knew what was to come

At the lookout..... as you can see we didn't see much

some prettiness

Every 500metres there are signs in the track to tell you how much further you still have to walk

On our way up to Thredbo we told Connor that Grandad always said "never to eat yellow snow", but connor was at a loss at the brown tinged snow!!! We did have to reassure him that is was from the dirt when the snow melted, lol

Anthony, Shanice & Connor at the top of Australia

oh yes and the token mum with the kids photo too

Anthony & Connor with the sign at the top

on the walk back down

If you look close you can see Shanice's miserable face, complete with tear streaked cheeks

Connor can still pull out the smiles when i ask

anthony and connor at the lookout for Lake Cootapatamba. A really quick shot before the clouds came over again

Shanice was so over it all

Almost back

the gorgeous highland streams - they even have fish
The next few days in Jindabyne we spent around the camper, down at the lake and we even took the kids to the movies to see Sherlock Homes.
It was great to be away, but great to come home too.

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