Sunday, 17 January 2010

4th - 9th december 2009

I'm catching up now........... this is going to be photo over load

5th December 2009
* went down to Tracy's for a linen party & stayed to scrap a while after

6th December 2009
* Anthony, me and the kids went on the search for either a new house or a new block of land to build on
* Joh, Nev and the girls came over in the afternoon for a bbq
7th December 20009
* Anthony went back to IKEA to get the wall unit i wanted for Christmas, just so i had somewhere nice to keep all my gorgeous tea cup collection
8th December 2009
* the kids second last day of school and home came the reports. I cried when i read Connor's..... he topped his year and goes to show it wasn't my pride thinking he was extremely smart but this proved it along with his outstanding NAPLAN results. The tears kept coming when i read Shanice's as she had improved so much in the past twelve months, and just tries so hard in doing her absolute best at everything.
* We all couldn't wait to see Hunter again, so we drove up to mum's for dinner.
* Hunter was starting to take a few steps this week, but as i pulled out the camera he took 4 steps towards me - i was so proud.

caption - "shanice & connor please stop squeezing me!"
hunter was very sad in the backyard when his tent rolled over

9th December 2009
* the kids last day of school
* Presentation Night
* Shanice didn't want to go (and i so dont blame her - it is rather boring) so she stayed home with Anthony, but connor and i went and so did mum, Pat, Shell & Mark.
Here is Connor with his mate Cameron, who is going to a different school nearer to his home in 2010.

And here is Connor with his teacher Mrs Donnelly. He loved her so much and was so wonderful with Connor that we all cried as we said goodbye at the end of the night.

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