Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Connor's 9th birthday

Last Thursday (the 19th Nov) was Connor's 9th birthday.
I cant believe my baby is 9th, next year and he'll be in double figures!!!
He was driving me crazy on the lead up to his birthday by pronouncing to me several times a day how many days till he turned 9, from the start of October, LOL. It even got down to several days before he was counting down hours, knowing that he was born at 4am and thinking is was quite acceptable to wake at that time.
Well, he lasted an hour and half after 4am.
As per usual he was spoilt rotten with his main pressie an electric nitro car so he can now race with his Dad. He got all the batteries and accessories for his car too. Good thing we thought ahead and put the batteries on charge the night before.

I sent him of to school happy as Larry with 40 mini cupcakes covered in sprinkles.
He couldn't wait to get home and race his nitro car.

As with all birthday traditions in the Sheppard-Morris household Connor got to pick the restaurant. So off we all went to the Alroy for dinner.
All the family was there are well as Joh, Nev and the girls.
Gotta love the Alroy with their great food and atmosphere and brilliant kids playground.
The kids were all so happy running around and playing. We stopped and went inside for dinner where it wasn't quite so hot, then when dinner was finished and we sang happy birthday and ate cake we went back outside for the kids to play before going home.
All Connor wanted to do was build his Lego garage when he got home but it was 9.30pm so we compromised and said he could build a smaller piece and save the garage till Friday after school.

opening pressies

Hunter enjoyed eating the left over birthday cupcakes that Connor brought home from school.

My 9 year old little monkey man
Playing his new DS game with Brittney

Shanice just wont stand still long enough for me to take a photo

Hunter played for ages on the swings

And this is Hunter's serious face OR is it the "Aunty Kylie would you stop pointing that camera in my face" look

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