Thursday, 21 August 2008

zac power, goths and my ranger

my day started off fantabulously (if that is such a word). i dropped the kidlets all dressed up for open day at school and i headed up to see my doctor again at berowra.
i have been feeling off and can't put my finger on it for quite some so i went to the docs last week and had some blood tests. well it all came back perfect and margaret said my results are that good i should bottle my blood! that really doesn't give us an answer to why i feel "off" but it's ruled at any nasties like cancers and such like. so i'm changing the diet and going to try (LOL) to go to bed a bit earlier and see if that helps any.

mum and i went to kids school at lunch time for open day. it's such a great day. we get to spend time with each child in their classroom and then go on a treasure hunt around the school for a secret word/phrase. after lunch the parade in their chosen book characters.

this year connor chose to be Zac Power. he adores these books, he has every single one of the them - all 19!
and shanice.............. well we cant pronounce the girls name, lol, but she is this little goth child full of attitude! not only does she loves the stories but i think she thinks she is the character!!!

the teacher do a theme every year and this year was Alice in Wonderland. most of the teachers dresses as the "Cards", there was also tweedle dee & tweedle dum. That is the school principal as the Mad Hatter and the deputy principal as the White Rabbit. Shanice's teacher last year was Alice and the librarian was the Queen. It was great!!!
Connor really shouldn't gone to school today as he is still really ill with his middle ear infection but there was no stopping him for his favourite day of school of the year (does that make sense).
I got a phone call too today from Ant to tell me............................. he picked up MY UTE!!!!!!
omg i dont believe it's finally ready. it still has a minor part missing, but that can be fixed on the first service. it's off to get the alarm installed and windows tinted tonight and tomorrow and hopefully i shall see my baby tomorrow afternoon.

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Maevan said...

Hey Kylie

It's amazing how much they've changed - Shanice is reading whole series of books now - good on her!