Monday, 25 August 2008

lost :(

not the plot, cause i did that years ago, lol
BUT i have lost my pink Bind-it-all.
i have pulled the playroom apart - TWICE looking for it and can't find it anywhere. i'm so annoyed!!! i possibly lost at the Scrap Girls retreat back in April. Maybe someone picked it up by mistake. i remember packing it up into the box, but i just dont remember putting it away when i got home.
So if someone has it by mistake..... can you pretty please let me know if you find it :)
i had a great little day today. a group of mums from school and myself went to the movies to see.......................................
it was great. some spots were a little bad karaoke (especially Pierce Brosnan) but it made me want to sing, lol. and lets face it i just love anything with Colin Firth in it - he's just so charming.
we've made a date for the next movie - "Baby Mama", and we are going make a day of it while the kids are at school with lunch and shopping too.
i must say i am extremely lucky to have met such a great bunch of women, who are so giving and fun to be with and we all have the same common goals and moral for our children. and to think that we are all different ages with different aged kids too from different cultural background...... i'm feeling pretty blessed.
i'll be back soon with a layout share - YAY!!!

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