Sunday, 17 August 2008

busy, busy, busy weekend

it has been like a mad house here this weekend, but i must say i have had a FABO time.
so, where do i begin...................
on friday i had the builder/designer come over. he was here for nearly 3 hours going over exactly what i want on the second storey. we got down to all the nitty gritty - bricks, rendering, how many power points per room, where the stairs will go, cupboards, types of doors and so,soooooooo much more i could be here typing for hours.
it was very exciting. john measured the entire house inside and out and we should have our design in 2 weeks. i cant wait to see what it will come back like.

friday afternoon anthony left to take the mini back down the farm to work on her there as our NEW truck has finally arrived in Australia and will hopefully be ready for us to pick up this thursday with all my extras.
so while Ant was away i took the kids to Emerton Leisure Centre for a swim for a few hours and then they got maccas for dinner and a movie night in the lounge room while i played along here:
i competed 2 of the challenges, which is a huge accomplishment for me, lol
it was Mandy's birthday on thursday so we decided to go to Fagan Park to celebrate. It was my job to organize the lunch and as a surprise i did lolly bags, lol. everyone loves lolly bags :)
we arrived at about 11am and we were having so much fun just enjoying the gorgeous day that we didnt end up leaving till almost 4pm. it was a shame to go home.
when we did get home, it was just me, anthony and connor because shanice had persuaded Nay (aka mandy) to letting her have a sleep over. i think she was just trying to get away from her brother. anyways, the 3 of us all laid on the lounge and watched The Librarian together. Anthony and i love the movie and thought connor would enjoy it too. and he loved it! it was great to have cuddles from my little man for nearly 2 hours
this morning we awoke around 9am and got dressed in a flash because we were headed to the movies to see...............
connor loved it!!!! what more can i say
we did a tad spot of shopping and i scored a new jacket and summer top - with bling! and ant got a pair of jeans, jumper and t-shirt! spoilt!
i left the boys at Blacktown Library while i ducked over to visit Nicole and Therese at Acacia Paper Craft. i had a bit of a chat and grabbed a few bargains.
we headed home and i cleaned up the house and did normal mum stuff like washing, ironing and washing up while the boys played out the front.
shanice finally came home at about 5.30 just in time for a roast dinner - which i must say was YUMMMM........
now all 3 kidlets are all tucked up in bed and i'm about to do the same
i hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine :)

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Anthea said...

Happy Birthday to Mandy, I wanna see a belly shot though!! LOL

good luck with the renos too! looking forward to hearing about the progress
gorgeous LOs also Kylie