Sunday, 3 August 2008

big plans

it's taken quite a number of years for us to get where we are today and bloody hard work i might add too. starting off trying to raise a family of 4 on next to nothing, we have come a long way.

i would like to add now, before i forget and make it all about me, lol. that i am so proud of my hubby! not only do i love him and hate to death at the same time, but he's worked his butt of to make our future look fantastic! love ya honey (yes, i know you read this and yes i know you hate it!)

(picture courtesy of PLC Photography)

anthony was working away last week when he rang me to tell me he'd been thinking - i hate it when he does that and vice versa. in about 6-12 months time we'll be earning enough $$$ to move. the only drama is we do not want to take the kids out of there school. the area might be shite but RJAS is bloody fantastic and has been wonderful for both of our kids, so moving isn't an option. then Ant spoke with his dad and it looks like we'll be building up instead!

I am so excited! so are the kids and so is anthony!

more than likely we'll put another 3 bedrooms upstairs and a kids room for tv, toys and study as well as a walk in robe for me! we'll knock out the wall to connor's room and extend out back living area and our bedroom downstairs will become MY office! Shanice's room downstairs will become a guest room but i reckon it will be come a special blue baby room for when Mandy's bub come over for sleep overs!!!
my brain is going 10 to the dozen with idea of how i want things to look etc. i'm very excited!

first step this week is to ring the council, ring aussie home loans and ring some builders (now you think anthony would be able to do that bit, but he's too busy!)

we headed down the farm on friday for the weekend. and as we drove the wind was getting stronger and by the time we hit campbeltown the rain started. thank god i packed really warm clothes and lego for the kids. anthony's asthma is still playing up, so on saturday the weather hadn't cleared so we came home early.

and because i was so excited about building up i thought i'd start doing a clean out. the playroom didn't know what hit it. i thought maybe i'd chuck out 2 rubbish bags - a mounded car trailer load i did, with some help from anthony who was watching spongebob holding the bag open while i chucked! we rearranged some furniture, cause my new computer arrives on monday and i need a bigger desk to hold the 22 inch monitor.

today's mission was to buy a new computer table for the kids and a new corner computer workstation for me.
the kids was easy. mine was a nightmare. we ended up in harvey norman buying a gorgeously massive desk with hutch, rolling drawer set, and return. it was a little bigger than i first anticipated! it wasn't in stock but should be here by the end of the week - YAY!!!!

oh! i scrapped this week too, lol

more to blog bout soon - still need to post about the july retreat! it was SOOOOO good!
this weeks mission
  • see Batman - dark knight (oh yay!!!)
  • put away some of scrap girls stuff i brought back from tracy's yesterday (thank trac)
  • scrap another layout, lol
  • pack ready for the LSBS retreat this weekend
  • make cupcakes - very important
  • see shanice's maths teacher about her improvement
  • get someone to come and install my second air conditioner that's been sitting in the playroom for 6 months
  • get Indi and Duchess bathed and nails clipped by a dog groomer - cause i'm doing their nails again, they growl at me, lol
  • cut out fabric to sew some more bags - with new patterns
  • i might clean

and i think that should be all on this weeks agenda, lol.

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