Monday, 10 March 2008

still no puter

which means i can't share any photos!!!!
I'm stuck using the laptop which is fine, but it's so annoying no being able to read emails properly thru optusnet and not thru outlook and not being able to attach files cause they are on the pc's hard drive.
Yesterday we went to the Reptil park at Gosford for shanice's 9th birthday. As she was turning 9 we decided that she couldn't have a big birthday party with all her friends but we'll go out for the day, her choice of venue, with family and Aunty Dal of course (Dal and stu are shanice and Connor's godparents). then on her birthday on Wednesday we'll go out for dinner and then when all the kids movies start at Easter i'll take her and 2 friends to the movies as her friends birthday treat. She has decided that she wants to go and see hannah monatah!
anyways, the reptile park was fantastic. we had great weather and everyone had a lovely time. whenever we go we see a different show that we haven't seen before and this time round we saw the aligator feeding and the tassie devil show. the kids loved it.
both connor and shanice love going in to see the reptiles too, which has taken us sooooooo long to get them to go inside the croc's mouth, they find it too scary, but this time we couldn't keep them out!
cant wait to show photos!!!
hopefully, fingers crossed, our it guy will come out and fix it this week, cause we had no luck with it over the weekend - grrrrr!!!!

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Alison J said...

My kids love the reptile park too. Bugger about the virus!