Friday, 14 March 2008


My baby turned 9 on wednesday!
she was so excited about turning 9 that she was up at 5am wanting to open her presents. she wanted a new bike as shanice had already outgrown 3 bikes. Anthony had taken her out 3 weeks ago to pick it and it has been waiting for this day before she could ride it.
shanice didn't think that she was getting anything else so she was over the moon to see a pile of presents waiting for her in the lounge room.
we bought her 2 beanie bears (her newest phase - thanks kaitlyn!), 2 new fairy novels, a hannah montana outfit, bratz winter py's and everybody gets new underwear, so shanice got new bratz boy leg undies and a bratz singlet! Spoilt lil' bebe!!!

i was up the night before at 11.30pm making mini donuts for all her friends in her class. silly me forgot to make them during the day. i must have gotten carried away cleaning the house, lol.
That night we headed up to Spurs for dinner - shanice's choice. the hole family came which was great, me, anthony, connor, mum, mandy, pat (m-i-l), micheal (f-i-l), tricia (s-i-l), tom and chris. i think the restaurant staff knew that we where a noisy bunch so they stuck us over the side of the restaurant where no one else was, lol. It turned out to be a late night for the kids, especially being a school night but it was a great day.

today i have been to school because connor had his classes assembly. connor was asked at the start of the week to write the opening prayer for the assembly. that was such an honour for him and he did such a wonderful job, i had a little proud mum moment.
they also had the World Greatest shave at school today. the kids had to raise a minimum of $5 each to be able to participate in colouring their hair with coloured hair spray, both shanice and connor raised $9 each. The school also had to raise different levels of $$$ in order for members of staff to shave or colour their hair. well, they did it and about 9 staff had too including the school principal and deputy. the kids got let out early before lunch so they could go and watch!!! i just think that this such a great cause for the kids to participate in.

as you've guessed still no photos, so that means, you guessed it, still no puter. it's off at scott's getting fixed. turned out there was another virus on it that got in 6 months ago thru the anti-virus software, so these programs aren't that great after all. anyways i'm hoping that i should have it back early next week - yay!

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