Monday, 3 March 2008

family fun day

yesterday was family fun day in the sheppard-morris household
with anothony's new job he works away from home a couple of weeks a month - last week he was away 3 days and this week 4. so we made an effort to put aside one day on the weekend so we could go out and spend it together rather than doing stuff around the house.
family FUN day is always a challenge, lol, someone either gets hurt or ends up whinging! and yes we did have our fair share of dramas but looking back i dont remember them already and i just remember the laughter which is was all about.
it was anthony's idea to go out for the day and that is where it stops for him. i then have to decide where we go, what time we leave, what's for lunch, what toys to pack, which route we take there, lol, grrrrr...... by this stage i'm going nuts! i want it to be relaxing for me too and maybe not make all the decisions.
so anyways, we headed down to Crosslands which is near Hornsby Heights, right on the Berowra Creek. we used to go there all the time when we were kids. it's got huge level playing areas, bbq's, picnic tables and bushwalks and it was really, really nice.
mum came down and met us there and we had some lunch while the kids played in the playground. Anthony brought along what i thought was just the cricket set but turned into the big bag of outdoor games(soccor, volleyball, cricket, badmington and stuff). the kids had a ball playing with dad and chasing him was the best part.
shanice and connor got very brave and asked to go for across the park to walk on the logs. they were about 700m away, i could still see them. they stayed together which i was in shock about and didn't fight!
some excitment happened too!!!! 2 police cars showed up and roped off an area in the bush. we think someone must have found something during clean up australia. a forensic copper showed up too. dont know what they found but the kids thought it was great.
we went to a walk along the boardwalk after lunch. the kids found a vine and mum showed them how to swing off it so we all had a go. bloody anthony thought it would be hillarious to video me swing on it!

so that was family fun day.

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