Friday, 7 March 2008

bloody virus

i am soooooooo not a happy camper this morning. and if some of you are easily offended by profanities then i suggest you stop reading now cause i might get on a roll!!!!!
last night i typed a blog entry about connor's swimming carnival and posted it. about 20 minutes later i had a message!!! strange, didn't think that many people read my blog, lol. so i read the comment and it was a link and i immediately thought HACKER/VIRUS/ DELETE!!!! yep, but cause i was tired and was thinking i went to click on what i thought was the delete button and i hadn't moved the mouse enough and was the link CRAP!!!!!!!
so i infected my pc with a nasty horrible virus that i may need to completely destroy my hard drive to get rid of it. Bloody arseholes that have nothing better to do than to stalk me! WHY?
why is at the moment that my scrap girls website is getting hit, my blog is getting hit, seriously is there someone out there that hates me that much? what the hell have i done in this lifetime or a past one to deserve this?
GRRRRRR it's soooooooo F$#&@!* frustrating.
I've now deleted the comment off my blog, so you guys are at least safe from it and i've put my comments so they need to be approved first too.
well that wasn't too bad, i didn't swear too much, lol

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