Monday, 9 July 2007

they are all finished

YAY!!!!! I've finished my trading cards for the July Retreat.............
What else have we been up to today:
* we slept in
* woke up to a thunderstorm
* drove up to mum & dad's in a terrible rain storm in which i couldn't see 10 meters in front of me (maybe i should have slowed down!)
* Found out that there was a nasty accident on the F3 near Cowan that probably would have been the cars i passed on the freeway (not a nice feeling at all)
* Dad was having a good day today
* i did my ironing at mum and dads while dad watched a dvd, connor played on the computer, and mum and shanice went to berowra to deliver avon
* got a phone call from Trac while she was on a Ferris Wheel on the Yarra in Melbourne
* we had a yummy meat pie and mini sausage roll for lunch
* got stuck in another rain storm on the way home on the F3 again
* booked the kids in for their Cooking School on wednesday which they are so excited about doing
* my Aussie Scrap Source order finally arrived
* came home and the arguing began over which movie to watch
* i packed some more kits
* cooked a roast for dinner and had those new mircowavable steamed vegies (they are so nice and the kids loved them)
At that's us up to speed. Not a very eventful day, but when you space it all out like that we actually did quite a bit
Thanks to Alison J for the giving me the idea to point form my day, lol

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Alison J said...

Sounds like a busy day. You don't realise how much you jam into 1 day until you jot it all down. Glad to hear your Dad had a good day. hugs