Tuesday, 3 July 2007


SCRAPLOOT have a blog..........
Click here to have a little looksee.

Of course it's only brand new, but we hope to post weekly (maybe more) with all sorts of inspiration, competitions and new stock. Not to mention some other very exciting new happenings.

So whats new with me....... well we are into sull swing of the school holidays and we aren't even half way thru our 3 weeks off. I've been a but fluey on and off which is driving me nuts.

There is only 17 more sleeps till the Scrap Girls Christmas In July retreat.
My backroom looks like a full on scrapbook shop with all the stock that is everywhere. I'm in the middle of packing class kits and am still waiting for 2 more orders to arrive so i can finish them off.
I have pictures of the kits to share........
On saturday i took the kids up to mum and dads for an early dinner. Shanice ended up staying the night at my sisters house, which she just adored.
I got heaps of pics of Shancie on the trampoline. In typical Shanice fashion she wouldn't let me move it so she was jumping very close to the edge of the pergola for my liking. And look at her hair! She desperatly needs a hair cut.
Sue and Craig were doing stocktake on Sunday so i offered to go over and give them a hand for a few hours before going to the real job (yuk! and on a sunday too). It felt like in those 2.5 hours Sue and I hadn't even scratched the surface.
So after work, Anthony took us out for dinner, which turned into a nightmare so lets not go there. I thought to myself "i wonder if they finished?". That was a no! So headed over again, stopping in at Starbucks on the way for 3 large (and i mean large) latte's. I think from memory sue and i finished counting at about 12.30am ish.
It was such a massive job!!! And the funny thing is i actually enjoy doing that sort of stuff.
Well, i'm off, i need to pack more kits and i think i might watch All Saints while i do it, lol

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