Wednesday, 11 July 2007

shhhh..... it's quiet here

what's a girl to do when it's school holidays and i've sent the kids off to cooking school for 3.5 hours????? well, i did a bit of work, chatted on the phone, sorted some paper work while watching part of a movie and then it was time to pick them up.
they had a great time. they cooked, swam, and ate. they tried and ate food that they normally wouldn't have at home and connor was even brave enough to go on the waterslide.
they both cried and whinged when i went to pick them up!

so i thought to myself, when we get home we can all do some cleaning! i gave them both a feather duster each and sent them to their rooms to dust and tidy. they thought it was great fun!!!!!! while i went and dusted the rest of the house and vaccumed.
so now, it's a bit noisier in the house, but at least i have company now.

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Alison J said...

OMG!!! Send you kids in my direction so my kids can learn from them how to dust too!! :)