Monday, 22 November 2010

spitfires and blue skies

On the first weekend of this month (November that is, lol) Anthony wanted to take the kids and me on a "family fun day" to Temora to see the Spitfire fly.
Personally I dont have much interest in staring at some old planes fly around in the sky, but you know we have to do these things as a family!!!:)
So we left the farm at around 8am on the Saturday morning and drove about two and half hours to Temora. Is was long but a beautiful drive. That part of the country is just gorgeous.
We arrived in time to see the first of the three planes fly. And there was plenty of time to check out the other cool planes on display in the museum. Anthony was in his element and the kids had a great time....... I just needed coffee:)

Connor with a Tiger Moth
I've forgotten the one in the front (Anthony will know) but the one in the back is a Spitfire

And I'm pretty sure this is the Spitfire getting towed out ready to fly

Oh, this is me yacking on the phone, lol

The Kittyhawke and the Spitfire doing some pretty spectacular flying

Connor was excited cause Grandpa took a few spare digi cameras for the kids to use

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