Monday, 24 August 2009

Jungle Safari

this was the theme for this years open day book parade.
I love going to open day, it's such a fun afternoon.
We get to spend some time with the kids in their class room and then we go on a treasure hunt
around all the Primary class rooms and then for the grand finale it's the book character parade.
I always take a big picninc lunch with some extra special treats for the kids and as always mum, grandma and mandy come too.
It was Hunters first parade and in the spirit of the day he even dressed up.

So here are a few piccies from last Thursday.

I went to Connor's classroom second and helped him make a rocket ship. I also got to play with the Smart Board that all the primary classrooms got at the start of second term.
Connor's Space project that he handed in that morning was chosen as the Star Work of the week - so i was having a proud mummy moment.
Hunter dressed up as a priate.
Shame about the stupid sun spot!
The teachers get right into the spirit of the day and dress up and do some dances.
That is Connor's teacher, Mrs Donnelly, the one closest to us.
The deputy pricipal is dressed as the bear and the head of primary is the tiger
The teachers "going on a bear hunt"
And there is Mr Cochram, the school princial, dressed in a safari outfit.
Shanice, Brittney and Zoey
As they older they dont want to dress up as much!

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