Sunday, 6 September 2009


so..... for while i've been thinking of some very exciting tattoos to add to my little collection.
The biggest decision though is what next!
I know that for my 10th wedding anniversary thats coming up in January i want a tattooed wedding band, but i'm thinking of all the other possibilities....
Shanice has picked the fairy she likes and wants me to get for her. The spot has a reserved sign on it - my upper right thigh.
Pirate fairy will definitely be going down my left side.

For ages now i've wanted some sort of skull...... i know how non-feminine and morbid. But i have a little crush on skulls :) I've now decided i want a Day of the Dead skull cause they are so bright and funky.
Now dont go thinking all morbid on me, the Day of the Dead is a celebration so family and friends can get together and pray for and remember those that have past. Which i think is just lovely.....

So while i was surfing trying to find some images that i really liked for a tattoo, i came across so fabulous piccies that i just want to share.

and here it is......... I LOVE THIS SIDE PIECE ........ and this is what i want next!
so i know there have been quite a few things going on that i really need to catch up on so i will be back soon for updates on the sheppard-morris clan

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