Wednesday, 19 August 2009

where have i been......

well............. with this NEW me happening i've been rather busy and an awful lot has happened since i last posted.
So far so good with sorting my shit out and being more organised and going to bed earlier. let's just hope with fingers and toes crossed that i can continue being good.
Family life is a mad house and there hasn't been a moment to rest in between kids after school activities, homework, projects, birthdays and weekends away.
At the start of August i went to the LSBS retreat which was unreal. I went with Trac on the Thursday and didn't come home till sunday which was exactly what the doctor ordered.
Trac and i sat with a great bunch of ladies - Aunty Rae, Joyce, Christel, Vanilla and Shelly.
I had so much fun and actually scrapped up a storm - well as storm for me, LOL.
2 layouts and 2 and a bit mini albums. I was very chuffed with my efforts.
Thursday, Trac and i arrived a bit early to help Cath with the set up. The Owl and the Budgie were jam packed with goodies for the shop, but we were instructed to leave them near the shop and not unpack anything! So that's what we did.
Nic arrived and i spent most of my night chatting away merrily to her in the shop while helping setting up all the stock. Yep, it all got done by midnight, i think. But the more i spoke the more i put off finishing a mini album i promised to a friend over 18 months ago.
Friday morning, well it was almost afternoon before i actually got out of bed. It's like every time i go away from the kids and my house all i want to do is just sleep. So i got started on my mini album project and that became my mission for the day and YES i can happily say that i finished it (and Skye loved it - finally).
By about 7.30pm the other half of the scrappers arrived and so began the retreat - officially.
I did stay up and was the last scrapper to bed only because i was too busy chatting away to Nic, lol.
Saturday morning i missed breakfast again! But only missed a small part of the class that had started. Belle had created the most amazing gated mini album. Yes, i am still to finish it, but i will! After lunch Lisa Pate taught a different mini album class. I love the flicking ink and getting messing, my type of scrapping.
Of course, it wouldn't be an LSBS retreat with some fancy shindig on Saturday night and this years was Belle's ball. I was one of the designated paparazzi. And in between killing myself laughing i managed to take a gazillion photos. All the contestants did a wonderful job and were far too funny in their great costumes.
Sunday........ still didn't make it to breakie, but i only just missed it. i had to get up earlier as Anthony and the kids were coming around 11am to pick me up as shanice had her first karate grading....... more on that soon.
It was sad to say goodbye after such a great weekend, but my name is already on the list for next year and i am so looking forward to it already.
Nic & aunty Rae
Crazy, boss lady Cath
A very classy Miss Ali - i want those pink uggies
Well....... what do you say to this Nic "You are so hot right now"
Kathy having a great time at Belle's Ball
You should have worn the apron though Kathy!
Another "I am so hot right now" moment by Belle
As i was saying before, i had to leave cause my big girl was going to her her very first karate grading. This is too special a moment for me to miss out on.
This time we invited Nan, Nay, Hunter, Grandma and Grandpa to come along a watch too. Good thing it wasn't a big grading month!
Shanice looked so gorgeous in her gee. Poor bugger had really sore lips too and suffered the whole hour of grading without a whinge.
Hunter was very funny......when they answer the Senei the kids all yell out "hey". Well this particular Senei (who looks like that bad teenager guy in the Karate Kid-too funny), is quite loud and strict with the kids and every time he yell "hey" Hunter screamed. So i took him outside and still every time"hey" was yelled he screamed.
Shanice did fantastic. Se was the only person from their dojo grading too, so she was very brave going all by herself.
So i now have 2 yellow belts in the house. And of course now they can start sparing! Can you imagine the bruises to come!
I love this photo! i am so going to get it blown up and am putting it on the wall.
After grading we headed to the Alroy for dinner to celebrate Anthony's birthday.
So it was a perfect weekend.

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