Monday, 15 June 2009

more wine & a first karate grading

what a life! two weekends away at the Hunter Valley
Well, the past weekend was our annual girls weekend away. this is the 3rd year we have gone and we just love it. I feel so very lucky to have such great girlfriends since i was 8 years old.
It was my year to drive, so on Friday night i met the girls at Berowra and finally got to have a look at Emma's brand new house, which is just stunning.
I think it was about 2am before we all finally fell asleep. there was lots of chatting to be had, as well as wine to be tasted and cheese to be sampled.
Breakfast at our resort was wonderful. there was so much food to chosen from it was ridiculous. With map in hand we headed out on our trails to tempt our taste buds - or wine buds.
I'm loving verdello's at the moment so i tried lots of them.
this year we wanted to go to wineries we hadn't been to before and we chose some really great ones. My favourite was Peterson's champagne house - OMG!!! i was in pink bubbly heaven. I love pink champagne and this was their speciality, and all the decor and things to buy were pink. Skye, Dallas and i chose to buy a magnum (1.5litres) of their Blush champagne to drink after dinner that night - YUM!!!!
I couldn't to get back to the resort so we could head over to the Blue Tongue brewery and get a tasting palette. I do love Blue Tongue beer! It was great to sit in the beer garden, even though it was freezing and just chat and laugh and people watch.
none of us could make up our minds about dinner so we ended up getting take away from the restaurant and having back at the room with lots of cheese and our champagne.
Well........ i think it went to my head a little after all those beers, lol.
There were a few tears to be shared as we remembered old times and said things about how much our friendships means to each other. But tears aside it was great fun.

Sunday i had to come back early as Connor was going for his first karate grading, so we left just after breakfast.
I drove the girls back to berowra and then headed to mums to pick up the kids. of course i got in a quick aunty cuddle too.

Connor did fantastic at karate. i was so proud of my little man.
he really loves this sport.

here are some piccies from all my weekends festivities :)

Skye, Dallas, Tanya, Loren and me

Pink bubbly heaven - Dallas, Loren, Emma & Skye all having a little taste

Skye with the magnum and Dallas with a "normal" size bottle

Peterson's Champagne House

Just a duck at Ivanhoe

Connor doing his kicking sequence

Connor and 2 of the boys from his class and Sensei Julie

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