Wednesday, 10 June 2009

long weekends, wine & family

what more could you really ask for.
ages ago, we booked a trip up to the Hunter Valley for the long weekend. as time grew nearer we decided to take a few extra days and enjoy ourselves up there. We also persuaded mum and mandy to come along as well as my gorgeous friends Dallas and her two girl.
we were camping and YES it was cold but we enjoyed every minute of it.
we went shopping, drank coffee, drank wine, drank more and more, went to the Hunter Valley garden which were spectacular, ran around in parks, ate, drank beer, laughed a lot, talked ourselves silly........ did i mention we drank?
we had a blast.................. so now get ready for photo over load.
outside the British lolly shop were we all spent a fortune
Miss Abby...... she loves jumping in puddles and was only allowed to do it every night before shower time. Too Cute!
always take time to smell the roses - i just had to say it!
mum - a big kid at heart
Look at my sister - and my kids thought they got their craziness from me!
cant go to to gardens and not have a token photo with humpty
the book look gigantic against the kids
here she is again - well what can i say to that!
me and gorgeous nephew
mine and Dal's beer tasting palette from the Potter's brewery - which was great! almost as good as Blue Tongue
i love this family shot
well that;s just a snippet from our weekend. that's not even some of the best photos, just some of the most memorable.
cant wait to go back up there again on Friday.
YES, you did read correctly, i am going back up the hunter this weekend but this time with my girlfriends from school. This will be our 3rd annual trip up there and i cant wait, we always have the best time.


Princess Tamara said...

Wow, honey, looks like you had a fab time!! I've never been to those gardens, they look awesome.

Toni Nakama said...

Where are those photos taken? The place is beautiful and the kids definitely had fun.