Sunday, 12 October 2008

painting madness

my house looks like a bomb has exploded!
the nic nacs and furniture are stacked and scattered around the house and covered in drip cloths. Ant got all the feature walls and ceiling painted and next weekend it's onto the rest of the walls and skirting boards. The small job i thought it was going to be has turned out to be a mammoth one, lol.
I am so stoked with the chocolate colour. i want to eat it, lol.
here is what my most functional room looks like right now and will for the next week
as i took these photos last night, i spotted this................
on shanice's door.
Yep - so true. i think we need a big clean out in there too this week.
today was Bathurst. we probably would have gotten more painting done but it's "Bathurst", our world stops for Bathurst.
the kids each had a birthday party today too. so i got that job of taking them as well as doing a run up to coles for groceries. while taking connor to his party i noticed a few bargains at the shops that i had to have so when it was time to pick him up i dragged Ant out to get them.
5 games later - one for each of our different gaming consoles, a pair of goggles for shanice, and bargain bra's for me.
we were is search of a basketball hoop for the kids to play with in the back yard. lately in our area there has been a number of attempted abductions which is scaring the pants off me, with the latest one suburb over with a group of 3 children my kids ages with the abductor offering the kids money to get into his car - SCARY!!!!!!
so in order for me to keep my children safe we found a hoop at KMart! so that's what Anthony built with the kids this afternoon after Bathurst.
best get my skates back on and do some more prep work for the Scrap Girls retreat coming up this week - so excited - YAY!!!!!

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