Thursday, 9 October 2008

Blueys Beach

well what can i say except - PERFECT!
the weather was just gorgeous, the house was to die for, the kids spent all day in and out of the pool just outside the back door, the beach was out the front door and 20 meters away, me, mum and mandy relaxed, laughed and had a great time. It was the perfect holiday.

here are a few snippets of some of my fav piccies out of the 300 odd ones i took and then some more on mums camera, lol

so that was the first week
we drove home the 3 hours to mums on the saturday, unpacked her car and got into mine, headed home which took an hour, grabbed a few things and then i drove with the kids 3 hours down the farm.
all that driving and the kids did not complain once! i am so proud of them. they are such great little travelers and always keep themselves amused.
we stayed down the farm for the long weekend. i came home by myself (with the 2 dogs though) on monday and anthony brought the kids home on tuesday. that way i could go out for lunch here with mum and mandy for Dad's birthday. it was another hard day. harder that i admitted to mum while on our holidays as how much i've recently been struggling with dad being gone.
we shopped up a storm and didn't leave until the shops kicked us out, lol
i so love daylight savings but it's killing atm. i keep forgetting what the time is and the kids are eating later which means they dont go to bed until later. thank god it's school holidays or i'd be in a real pickle! i still have a few more days to get the routine down pat before back to school on monday.
speaking of school we drove past the kids school this morning and shanice calls out "Bye RJAS, see you monday". and on the way back home connor calls out "see you monday RJAS". too cute. i think they are missing school or maybe it's their friends :)
we headed off to my friend Dallas's house today for traditional holiday visit. way back when it started with just me and my kids going and over time more and more of us have gone along. i love it and so look forward to these visits. We've all been really good friends since primary school and it's so nice that we are still together and all have the similar interests, goals and morals. not many people can say that!
we normally all get together for a breakfast or dinner every 6 weeks or so - just the girls, but during the holidays all the kids come too. they LURVE it. can't wait till next school hols to do it again.
tomorrow we are off to Tracy's - YAY!!!!!! a full on day of laughs, great friends and a tad bit of scrapping - who am i kidding, lol. The kids already have their swimmers packed so i hope bob fixed the solar in case its cold, but the kids wont care anyways.
this time round we have recruited Nicole into joining us. it's going to be a super fun day.
before we head down there i have to take Shanice to her specialist appointment in Blacktown at 8am about her foot. the poor, poor bugger is struggling to walk the worts have gotten that big. she is so brave and never, ever complains about them not even when the liquid nitrogen freezes the. the girl has a VERY high tolerance to pain, just like her mum - sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not so good.
Bathurst is on this weekend - YAY!!!!!!!
go scaife!
i know where i'll be. all tv's in the house will be on channel 7 so i dont miss any of it, lol. we are re-painting the house too this weekend so we can watch the race as well. we are starting in the backroom - ceiling first! then i chose the most gorgeous chocolate brown, olive green and pale fawn colours to match my 2 lounge chairs and cushions. i can't wait to see what it all turns out like. i even dragged out a few old canvas's i had stashed that i'm going to paint in those colours to hang on the walls.

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