Saturday, 12 July 2008


6 more sleeps till the Scrap Girls Christmas In July Retreat!
I so cant wait, it's going to be great! I've added all sorts of new little features that i hope will add to the atmosphere of the weekend.

This week has been a busy one.
Wednesday saw me at work and the kids went to visit Grandma for the day.

Thursday was our traditional school holiday visit to dallas's. I love having lunch with her and the girls and it's so nice that so many of us can make it too now. there was was me and my kids, Dallas and her 2 girls, tanya and her big preggy belly, Amber and baby Paige and Melissa with her two girls. It was rather noisy and kaotic, but fun. Melissa or Tanya have to have a boy cause Connor is starting to feel that there is a conspiracy against boys being the only one, lol.

Friday, yesterday saw us visiting Tracy. We soooooo got nothing accomplished as we planned to, which is quite typical. we were far too busy just chatting than organising, lol
Alastair came home with us for a sleepover for 2 nights which is exciting. It's his first sleepover at our house and he hasn't even asked about mum yet (sorry trac, but he hasn't).
Shanice was going to stay with Fliss while Alastair is at our house, but she forgot teddy so decided to come home instead. maybe next time.

I awoke this morning to be boys playing playstation - Singstar of all things, and Shanice in her room carrying on like a teenager. It was so funny i couldn't help but laugh. Shanice apparently had nothing to wear and had nothing that went with brown! It went on for about an hour and was just a classic. I thought if Shanice could throw a tantrum and get clothes out of Anthony so would I. so i jumped out of bed stamped my foot and yelled i had no clothes that fit and they are all daggy and i want some new clothes, shoes and a handbag! He laughed so hard i set off his asthma and all he could do was say yes too!

so we packed all the kids in the car and headed to the shops so Shanice, our deprived daughter, could picked out an outfit. i really didn't need anything plus i'm super fussy and didn't like anything either. So my daughter now has 1 Veronica's hoody, 1 veronica's long sleeve top and 1 grey knitted cardi. She picked them herself and now she can't complain of having NO CLOTHES!

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