Thursday, 17 July 2008

last week of the school hols

i can't believe how fast 3 weeks has slipped by! i set out to accomplish so much but didn't - surprize, surprize, lol.
We have had a great time being busy and doing nothing much.

this week has been a bit of a blur.
* Connor went for a sleep over on Sunday night to a friends from school with 2 other class mates which he thought was "awesome fun".
* Shanice went for a sleepover at Tracy's house on sunday and monday nights.
* anthony has been at home sick since last friday with really bad asthma. he's topped to the eye balls with steroids, ventolin, atrovent and god knows what other drugs so he can breathe. and to top it off he has high blood pressure
* we've been to Krispy Kreme's twice in the one week - ummmmm arrrrrrr
* the kids and i sat and watched "Labyrith" and "The Dark Crystal" which they loved
* we went for a picnic at nurragingy with some of the other families fromn school. the kids had a ball and the weather was super warm, you wouldn't have thought it was the middle winter but mid-spring. connor fell off his scooter coming down a massive hill and tumnled head over turkey and is covered in bruised and grazes. But if it was going to be someones kid that fell in the pond and crashed off his scooter is was bound to be mine.
* we have finished packing all the stuff ready for the Scrap Girls retreat happening this weekend
* we have done lots of crafty things
* played far too much playstation together
* played outside on bikes, scooters, roller blades and with the dogs
* i have finally caught up with the washing
* we've enjoyed sleeping in and having pyjama days

well, that's it from me for now. i am off to go and help Cath and Nic pack the shop up to bring down for the retreat tomorrow.
have a great last weekend of the school hols everyone

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