Thursday, 16 August 2007

feeling flat

I had to try and explain to the kids this afternoon that mummy was feeling flat!!!! Now that's a tricky one!!!
It's been a whirlwind of a few day emotionally for me and with it all i feel emotionally drained and flat! Which of course is making me so tired, but i can't sleep - typical!
Dad's not doing so well, but on mandy's birthday he said "Happy Birthday" to her and we all balled (since dad has his seizure back in February he hasn't been able to talk - well proper words anyway), so that was huge. He had a good night and was awake for all of it which was something he hasn't done for a long time now. Watching him, is so heartbreaking and cruel.
So with all that happening, it's no wonder i'm feeling flat now.

The kids couldn't work it out, cause i'm not exactly skinny anymore, lol. God love 'em.

Miss Sheree has tagged me too........ but i'm feeling the need to go to bed and maybe watch some "Family Guy" for a bit of light entertainment. So sheree, i promise - tomorrow.
Og and if you want to grab yourselves a few scrapping bargains - Sue at scraploot has some really cool Spot Specials this week too - 3 bugs, Rusty Pickle and Basic Grey pp are all $1.10.


Belinda Howlett said...

Hugs mate!!!! thinking of you!!! we need a catch up!!!!

sheree said...

chin up hon.... big hugs for you... we will have a big catch up on thursday....