Monday, 13 August 2007

an afl star in training........

that's right, my son started "have a go" AFL tonight.
Let's just say that Connor isn't worlds most coordinated child!!!! But he asked to give it a try so i oblidge. and he loved it!!!!
unfortunately i was sitting on the opposite side of the oval where he was playing, so i didn't get any good piccies, but i got one of him running back to the meeting area and of him with his good friends Trent and Emily (twins) from school.

i can see a new obsession beginning........
a while back i asked Tracy to show me how to do patchwork, cause i just wanted to give it go. well, i started a block. i dont think it will take over me scrapping, but it'll be good to do in front of the tv. but i am dreading the whole machine sewing part as i suck at that and can't sew in a straight line to save my life!!!!!
i went to spotlight this morning to pick up a few embrodery threads and a rotary cutter and ruler thinging - well....... they had all these little flat fats on specail for like $1, so i got me just a few of those to start me off on my merry way to a patchwork stash. i think i need a bigger box already and i haven't even finished my first block!

speaking of tracy........ she's started a new blog SCRAP THE PETS. in the tradition of the Scrap the Girls blog and Scrap the Boys blog, she thought that it would be good to get some inspirational pet layouts too. so if you have a pet layout, email it to Trac at and she'll pop it on the blog.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... there's more.
in my last post i mentioned a little thing about pissing off a friend.... well it's all sorted. we talked it over, was honest about how we felt and everythings good now. i had this feeling i was about to loose a wonderful friend, but i'm so pleased i didn't. love ya girlie!!!!!!!!!
It's my sisters birthday tomorrow. my baby sister mandy is turning 30! HARDY BARDY NAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (inside family joke, lol, one of those had to be there moments)

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