Thursday, 14 June 2007


I was tagged the other week by the lovely Alison J. Alison i didn't forget i've just had bad internet thanks to DH sucking it all up.
So now i'm playing catch up, lol.

4 Favourites

My 4 Favourite Jobs
1. Babysitter (when i was younger! what a bludge of a job)
2. Video shop (started back on 1991 and yes i'm stull there!)
3. Running my our Scrapbooking Retreats business - SCRAP GIRLS (plug, plug)
4. and i suppose the most obvious favourite is being a mum

My 4 Favourite Local Places
1. Our newest favourite local place is the new swimming centre across the road. It's indoors, heated and has a waterslide!
2. Narraginjy nature reserve - 3 minutes down the road and kids can run a muck
3. not really local, local but about 10 minutes drive - Rouse Hill Regional Park
4. Scraploot - Sue lives so close it's great

My 4 Favourite Foods
1. Does COKE count? does now
2. sticky toffee pudding
3. Chicken Range Salad (froms Hogs Breath)
4. Chocolate

My 4 Favourite International Places
1. Wanaka (sp) - South Island New Zealand (hellllloooo skiing, lol)
2. Disneyland - went when i was 3 and would lurve to take my kids one day
3. Bali - need i say more (suck more piss was the slogan for that week back beofre kids)
4. And one place i'd love to visit and so would Ant - Alaska

The 4 People I'm tagging!!
1. Sheree
2. Tracy
3. Alison S
4. ummmmm and anyone else that want to have a go!

now i'm sure there is a tonne of stuff that i need to catch up on so i'll be back!

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Alison J said...

It sounds like our trips to Bali were way too similar! lol