Monday, 25 June 2007

Day #1:

well today was the first day of my kids 3 weeks school holidays. yes you heard me correctly they get 3 weeks, damn private school! you pay all that money and give you more holidays. with sort of $$$ we're forking out they should keep them longer, lol
yesterday i went over to Sue's and Sam i had the challenge of scrapping with stickers. I'm not a sticker fan at all! but i was rather happy with my 2 layouts. it was a crap day too, such good scrapping weather.

SCRAPLOOT was going beserk yesterday too! Sue barely had 2 minutes to sit with us as her and Craig were madly packing orders. You see Scraploot is having a crazy stocktake sale. here's more info......
June Stocktake Sale- June Madness@ Scraploot

Everyone is having stocktake sales! But ours is true madness.
We are clearing all items in our Double Up Categories - buy one, get one FREE - This is not a 20, 30 or 40% sale, this is a 100% SALE!
New Double Up Categories have been added
TRIPLE UP Categories, thats right TRIPLE UP! You get our great 2 for 1 offer as well as another similar product that we will select for you.
We are serious - we don't want to count it so we really are clearing the shelves ready for new stock.
Buy One, Get 1 Free for all items in our Double Up Categories marked as x2
Buy One, get 1 Free plus 1 more similar item in our Triple Up Categories marked as x3
Products will be packed as orders are received. Payment must be received within 5 days of placing the order. Where stocks run out we will replace your selected double up product with a similar product.
No further discounts will apply to internet or shop sales for Double Up and Triple Up Sale product.
Redemption vouchers cannot be applied to Double Up and Triple Up Sale product.

I've been workig on the blog for Scraploot too over the past few days and that is going to be ready to launch i think at the start of the new finacial year - aka 1st july 2007.
today me and kids went up to visit grandad. i made pumpkin soup for lunch with some help from my little helper, shancie.
of course the weather is still crap today and i'm starting to feel a bit fluey, so i snuck off for a quick lie down and i kid you not every time i drifted off to sleep i'd get woken up. not by the kids, by anthony who's home with really nasty asthma, so he's in the "let's annoy the crap out of kylie" mode. and it's going to be like this all week! wish me luck

tomorrow the kids and i are off to visit Acacia Paper Craft to pick up some daisy bucket pp and then to the library. that will take care of about 2 hours, lol.

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Tracy said...

I sooooo know what you mean about big $$$$$$ and more holidays, Grrrr.

Enjoy your holidays and we will catch up with you next week

Trac x