Sunday, 17 June 2007

a cool sale, working, woolies, cute stamps & fimo

all those things are written in the title so i dont forget, lol.
firstly........ SCRAPLOOT is having a really cool stocktake sale at the moment. here's more:


Everyone is having stocktake sales!
We are clearing all items in our Double Up Categories
- buy one, get one FREE –
This is not a 20, 30 or 40% sale, this is a 100% SALE!
Conditions apply – see home page for details.

Sue has updated the website today with the stock that has already sold and ones that you may recieve similar item not idential.
This sale is far too good to miss out on. so head over to scraploot
yesterday i had to work! civic video have a sale in june/july every year and my bosses like me to work them as i get there early to set up and pretty much know what needs to be done without being asked. i really quite enjoy doing these as a once off weekend shift. i didn't think i was actually going to get there yesterday as at 7am the rain was really heavy and the roads were a nightmare, even trying to see where the road was was difficult.
after work i went up and visited mum and dad for half an hour as a suprize. i picked up these cool socks in the chemist for better circualtion. at this point i think mum will try just about anything for dad. mum asked me to pop up to lincraft and get some more wool to make cute lil bunny blankets. going to lincraft is so not a problem.

so i drove back home and picked up the kids cause i thought they'd be driving Ant up the wall by then. went to lincraft with 2 very hypo, stir crazy children and very quickly spent $70. Shanice was picking out the woolies for her jumper nanny is going to knit her (whick turned out to be the expensive wool, lol) and i picked up these very cute little stamps.

because it's been so wet and i figured it would be wet again today i let the kids pick a block of fimo each so we could make something with it today.
I surfed the net last night trying to find easy little projects for the kids to make with their fimo when i came across a noughts and crosses game - perfect! they can make it together and then play it together. and still have some left over for the school holidays which start this coming fridat for 3 weeks!!!! i'm going crazy just thinking about it.

i also finished a lil mini album last night. shanice just lurves it and i'm really happy with how it turned out. it is for a sample for our Scrap Girls CHRISTMAS IN JULY retreat.
connor like it too and has asked where his is, so looks like i'm making a boy one now too!

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