Wednesday, 21 February 2007

camping, kits and more kits

What a lovely time we had camping! Even if it was only for the one night. Anthony ended up getting bout of sunstroke so we came home early on the saturday night instead.
The kids had a fabulous time playing in the river. Connor was braver than i ever thought he'd be. Shanice is my little adventurous one, a bit like her mum and Connor is a bit scared of trying new things. Well, they found a bank on the river to jump off into the water where is was a little bit deeper than normal. Shanice borked and Connor just went running and flying off. Of course, before they did, being the over cautious mum I am and i know what mischief i used top get up to as a kid, I made them walk around in the water first to make sure there was nothing under water they could hurt themselves on.
I made all these memories flood back. Even the tarzan swing on the other side of the river that we used to swim across to is still there. I can't wait to go back there again.
We did manage to set up out tent right between 2 wombat burrows, which made for an interesting night. God, they are noisy buggers! One was a bit on the sick side and was scratching and rubbing itself up against our trailer all night. The funny thing was I've never seen a wombat in the wild before, only ones in the zoo and of course by the side of the road marked with and X (down the snowy mountains).
The kids said that Kangaroo Valley should be renamed to Wombat Valley. And then on our drive out to come home on the side of the road stood this massive 2 meter grey kangaroo!
Mum and Mandy came down for a few hours on the Saturday. We went into town to the pub for lunch which was just scrummy. The exact same table and chairs are still in the beer garden that we used to sit on as kids when Dad and Uncle Rob used to come in to "get ice".
Town was really busy as it was Kangaroo Valley annual fare. I've never seen it so busy! That probably explains why there river was busier than i expected.
I've spent the past few days oooooing and arrring over all the yummy new CHA releases trying to decide what to use in the kits for retreats coming up. So if anyone has any suggestions that would be good, cause i can't decide, lol.
I've just been over to Sue's at Scraploot and picked up my next dt kit. Love the colours i got. Will get playing with those on friday probably when i go off to scrap again with Tracy. Which reminds me to con Anthony to leave work early to pick up the kids so I can stay out and play longer, lol.
Dad started treatment this week. So far so good I think. Mum did say he's a bit more tired than normal, but if that's all that's great news. They are coming over tomorrow to pick the kids up from school which will be nice. Dad has never been able to pick them up after school. I really want the kids to see him as little Shanice, my worry wort, gets a bit sad.
Anyways I'm thinking i might go and scrap - YAY!

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