Friday, 16 February 2007

nothing really

i feel compelled to come in here and just blog about nothing inparticular, lol.
to tell the truth, i think i'm just killing time before i have to got and get anthony (in 15 minutes) bring him home to load the trailer while i go and collect the kidlets early from school so we can beat the traffic. Oh yes, why? We're going camping!!!!
hate to say it, but i actually really enjoy it.
i've spent the morning getting everything in a huge pile in the backroom ready for anthony to load when we get home. all that's left is to pop all the clothes that are sitting on my bed in a bag and put the cold stuff in the esky.
i just hope it doesn't rain. better go grab a book just in case.

we took the kids at the end of January down to wombean caves and we had a great time. which reminds me i didn't upload any photos, in which i took about 170 - don't ask, lol. and because of the 40 degree heat i had the shakes and only about 100 came out.

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