Monday, 12 September 2011

LSBS retreat

Back in late August i attended the LSBS annual retreat. It's so nice to actually go to a retreat, as a customer and sit on my bum and not run the show, on the other hand it's tricky to switch off from "work mode" too, lol.
This was the 4th lsbs retreat that I've gone to and they are just getting better each year. Cath totally spoils us all with oodles of goodies to wake up to each morning and Nic, well she's just Nic and she's TOPS!
Poor Joh had the pleasure of sitting next to me as well as rooming with me...... thank god for ear phone, cause i could chew her ear off with my yacking! I did however, wake up on Friday morning with an extra pillow on me....... must have started the freight train snoring at some point in the night, sorry Joh.
There was lots of laughs to be had, classes to be done, tree climbing, shopping, chatting to old and new friends, eye brow waxing, waiting for sami to wet her pants again and again..... oh and maybe a tad of scrapping!
I must admit that in 4 days i really didn't accomplish much, but i had a great time doing it.
Here is some of the highlights:
Carol Mead's class on Thursday night.
I converted mine to 8 1/2 X 11 and love it...... the flowers were so easy to make and i love the cute little bits from Tattered Inspirations
And this cute little stunner was Lauren Bell's class
Oh, i must mention too that i did Anna Painters card class that was super cute, but i gave it to my mum for her birthday (which she loved btw) before i got a chance to take a photo.
And this was the only layout that i managed to come up with all by myself, lol.
They had heaps of challenges over the weekend and this was for the Travel themed challenge.
I cant wait to make more of these. I loved the process of making the whole album from scratch.
This was Evelyn Lloyds class - Fabric Album. Evelyn knew that i only did 8 1/2 X 11 so she created a new album for me so i knew the size to cut everything. MWAH, thanks babe.
This is just some of the goodies that we arrived to on our tables
Me, Joh and Sami...... love our new shirts, thanks sami
And there always have to be a silly one
LSBS tree huggers
Cath, Me, Joh
Nic and SAmi
Sami and Nic - loving the war paint
Belle's ball performers extraordinaries

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