Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Welcome Wall

Sunday was a pretty huge day for the Wright family.....
We all headed into Darling Harbour to watch the ceremony for the Welcome Wall at the National Maritime Museum. For mums 60th birthday a group of her close friends bought her and dad a very special present - their names on the Welcome Wall.
Here is a link to all the info - Welcome Wall
i tried to explain why the day was so important to me to the kids and Anthony but i managed to blurt out was some complete waffle. but i did say i ranked it up there with our wedding and birth of our kids.
As it turned out it was a glorious day. We enjoyed the ceremony at a small distance because sitting in the full sun was too hot, plus it gave the kids room to run around. We then headed over to the Kings Street wharf for a lovely lunch over looking the harbour.
It was such a fantastic day and one that i will hold very dear

Mum & Dad's name's are the 8th one down on the first column

all the names to date

Mum with the three grandbebe's
And the whole family
Mum, shanice & connor

hunter getting kisses from his mum

the bridge going over Darling Harbour

3 very cheeky monkeys

and just my two monkeys

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