Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I had a fantastic Mother's Day...... what more could i ask for with such gorgeous weather outside and 2 even more gorgeous kids.
I got woken, not too early, by my cherubs eagerly excited to open the presents that they had chosen themselves. Connor gave some soap that he chose special at the mothers day stall and shanice had taken Nan out shopping to get a very beautiful tea cup to add to my collection from herself and Connor. There was so much thought and love gone into what they chose that it makes the moment and my presents even more special.
The kids and I headed to Fagan Park for morning tea/lunch with mum, mandy and hunter. We love it there. But i have never, ever seem it so incredibly busy. The kids played in the park with Hunter, rod their scooters, played DS, ate lots of yummy nibbles and then after lunch we went for the traditional walk to the duck pond and windmill.
It really was a beautiful day.
We came home with enough time to duck to the shops to get a new printer as mine died during the week and some new jeans.
We did all this then raced home to quickly get changed and head out for dinner with anthony's family. We went to King Henry's court at penrith, although the food is ok the atmosphere is so quaint.

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