Sunday, 7 March 2010

Family Fun Day

Every now and again our little family of four needs to re-group and go and do something fun together for a day. It was that time again and saw us going on a little adventure yesterday:)

For term 1 Connor is studying early explorers, so we thought that because Connor is such an intelligent child we would take the kids on a day trip up the Blue Mountains stopping at some known and some not so well known spots that have been made famous by Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth. Connor thought this was a fantastic idea and was so keen to walk in the early explorers footsteps. We weren't so sure about Shanice as she did it two years ago, but she surprised by enjoying telling Connor all the little tid bits she remembers too.

The very first place to begin the day is with breakfast, so we headed to Pancakes at Northmead to meet mum, Mandy & Hunter for a yummy breakie complete with pancakes, ice cream, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. YUM!!!! What a great start to the day, getting our Hunter fix and he IS so darn cute.

Our first stop was at the tourist information place because there were a few spots that we were unsure of their location.
Next sure saw heading Liden to find Casey's repulse. Connor thought this was unreal cause it was a massive pile of rocks & boulders put their by the explorer Casey that marked the end of his failed attempt to cross the Blue Mountains. Bet you didn't know that? I learnt that too. It was a tricky little spot to find, but we did and it was right between two houses!

Next saw us searching Lawson for the Explorers Lamp monument. Well, we didn't find it! Maybe next time.

Then it was onto Wentworth Falls. We went for a little walk and i almost died walking up the million steps from the lookout. The kids ran up them but me.......... nope! Really need to get on the cross trainer every day from now on.

by now it was after lunch and kids tummys were rumbling so we headed into Leura, and couldn't find any "normal" food, so we drove onto Katoomba and got some hot chips and drinks and took them down to the park between the Three Sisters and the Scenic Railway.
The rain was coming in but it seemed to be holding off which was good cause we still had a few more stops.
The Explorers Tree was next on the agenda. Right by the side of the busy great western highway. It was interesting reading the plaque seeing as to when they actually fenced the tree off, but over time the marking have gone... or we just couldn't find them.

The last stop was Mt York. What a gorgeous spot! This is where the explorers ended their crossing before the descent....... OMG the cliffs were sheer, i bet they didn't have any rock climbing gear back in 1813!
We had a great day, and learnt a bit too. Cant wait for the next family fun day

Connor by the sign for Wentworth Falls lookout (one of the many photos i took of him besides signs, lol)

The sheer cliff faces at Wentworth Falls
Running away from the camera!
Wentworth Falls
Shanice & Connor
I cant believe my beautiful girl turns 11 this coming Friday!
At the Explorers Tree sign!
And Shanice & Connor by the tree
Woo Hoo we made it

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