Sunday, 3 February 2008

a wedding

Anthony and i went to a wedding yesterday.
My friend skye is the last to get married out of all of our friends from school.
I woke up in the morning and the first thing i did was look at the weather report because the cermony was at the lookout in Berowra Heights. Rain!!!! oh no! well, i'd like to know where it rain cause i didn't see a drop. i know it did rain in berowra several hours beforehand though, and it has absolutly bucketed down today.
But the weather held out and it was absolutly gorgeous wedding. Very simple but elegant and Skye just looked beautiful. Mark looked great and Mark's 3 boys looked for grown up and proud of dad.
I stood at the front next to Dal during the ceremony and in typical Dallas fashion she starts crying so i quickly put the camera up to my eye and started snapping cause i knew i'd start too, lol. Thanks Dal!
What more can i say. It was just a perfect lovely day and i had a great time.

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